Team Coaching

Software development is complicated. With every new developent in iOS technology, ecosystem and software, the expectations and complexity of app functionality needed to compete grows ever higher. As apps become an ever more critical success component for business, highly motivated and performing engineering teams become an essential competitive advantage.

Through coaching and mentoring your team we improve knowledge and practices so that your business is optimised to compete. Each team is different and benefits from a different focus. We provide the support for technology teams to grow and learn in their chosen areas, led by the team. By helping your existing teams achieve their potential your business can do the same.

We work in a light-touch way; initially in a workshop setting to understand the needs of your team. Once coaching goals have been identified, we then set up regular coaching sessions to ensure the ongoing professional development of team members can be supported. We use a range of capabilities: from workshops, to training sessions, to one on one and team coaching, to pairing. Our expert consultants share their skills and expertise and help your team members both to acquire new skills and to work in more collaborative ways.

We nurture technology talent and bring new software engineering skills but we also help your business to better understand and adopt Agile. We recommend business level Agile coaching is vital to help business and technology teams work together optimally.