Team Shaping

Whether you’re a startup building your first app or an established business looking to bolster its development capability we can help you select the right iOS development team and get working in the right way.

Too often we see talented teams working to outdated methodologies, or we see the right business practices matched with the wrong talent. We fix this by helping you assess what talent and skills are right for your business.

We identify roles and assist in the hire and vetting of team members. We bring expert software engineers, ready to work with Agile best practices. Once a team is in place we ensure they work to those best practices and ensure that the Agile methodology will be adopted, understood and respected by the entire business - so that it works for you.

Once set up we work closely with the team, guiding them through the first sprints and onwards for along as needed. We do this to ensure the whole team is comfortable with the Agile methodology and that it's optimised for you. X/INDUSTRIES can in addition provide co-located engineering support; hit the ground running with an experienced development capability suited to your projects precise needs.