Technology Strategy

X/INDUSTRIES provides you with the support to get your app development right from the get-go and then help you keep it that way. We bring expertise from working on projects for startups to FTSE 100 companies (and everything in between).

We know what works and what doesn't in iOS software engineering, and we believe ultimately in the value of building strong teams who work with the right practices. We believe when it comes to software this is the best way to create high performing teams that can create immediate business value together with long term sustainable delivery.

We work with you to identify the right technologies and approaches to deliver your business objectives and we help you to quantify, plan and measure the success of your software engineering projects. We help businesses who know what they want to deliver to market but need to define how to deliver it. We help businesses who know they want to work with the best technologies out there (iOS for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV), but have yet to define exactly how to do that.

X/INDUSTRIES helps its clients get to market fast, in a way that is sustainable; so they can continually optimise and serve their customers with best in class products.