So are we.

Based in London, X/INDUSTRIES is a specialist in software consulting and coaching. We work with start-ups to FTSE 100 companies providing support in the development of apps for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

We provide

Technology Strategy

  • We help you select the right technologies and platforms for your project
  • We identify the required skills, and shape a team to optimise timescales & costs
  • We get set up with Agile and create a backlog for your initial iterations

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Team Shaping

  • We identify roles, and find, vet & hire the right talent for your project
  • We establish Agile best practices within your business
  • We guide you through the first sprints ensuring the whole team works efficiently

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Team Coaching

  • We coach teams in adopting Agile software engineering best practices
  • We train and coach new skills including TDD, Acceptance Testing, Swift
  • We improve ‘whole team’ collaboration across technology and product

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Unrivalled Experience

You bring the product, team and business, we bring the expertise to assist you in developing the best software.
With 15 years of development expertise in Apple technologies and more than 8 years working with iOS exclusively we can bring vital experience that can be the difference between good and great.

Agile To The Core

Our approach is guided by principles of agile software development principles, patterns and practice. It provides a highly effective way to plan, build and deliver all forms of software and iOS is no exception. We take pride in being part of teams that produce high quality, well engineered professional software that delivers long term suistanable value.

1 Billion and Counting

With over a billion iOS devices in use around the world, business fortunes are increasingly dependant on their ability to create great software for the iOS platform. This market brings enormous opportunities aswell as serious competition. Getting your iOS software development right is a serious competitive advantage. Our services are designed to help you achieve this.